Messner’s Art

Dr. Messner describes the inspiration of his paintings as being from great works of art and their context from remote antiquity to the present. His paintings are both rich in colour and meaning. During his field research on ‘Ritual Performance’ in traditional cultures of Oceania, Indonesia and Mexico, he had been granted the privilege to live with people in remote areas and witness their cultures. They all adhere to a unified art concept that is deeply rooted in their transcendent and otherworldly perceptions and so too does he. His background of music and performance has had a strong impact on him as well.

Four art forms : visual art, music composition, poetry and performance coexist in one person…

Dr. Messner displays in his style the unrestrained use of vibrant colours. Their pictorial application ranges between intuitively eruptive approximations to meticulous attention to detail. For him his paintings are ‘musi-coloured’ mirroring the reality of our vibratory world. It all reflects the artist’s attempt to catch and express visions that he perceives from the place where dreams are born. This process is triggered by legends, mythologies, all kinds of recent external events, by his natural environment as well as by the presently omnipresent unsustainable abuse of our world. The idea and meaning behind his art works is the endeavour to unveil the weave of the ‘presence of the past’. He also wishes to communicate that we are observed observers…an emanation of a supreme all inclusive underlying cause of all that is.

Figurative paintings are art works displaying recognisable forms and figures.

Abstract paintings stimulate the imagination of the viewer as the co-creator of the meaning of the paintings.

Messner’s graphic works are both figurative and abstract, focusing on existential and social issues. He uses mainly charcoal, graphite, pencil, and mixed media.

The frame of reference for his portraits are meta-naturalistic and mythological.